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What Is Kontraktor Rumah?

Kontraktor Rumah is a group of specialists based in Shah Alam, Selangor practising the act of repairing pipes, leaky roofs, and electrical wiring service throughout Klang Valley area. With our experienced and professional employees, any problems faced by our clients will be solved efficiently. 

We at Kontraktor Rumah provides you with a variety of maintenance services including pipe installation, pipe repair, leaky roof repair, water tank repair, toilet repair, drain cleaning, and electrical wiring. 

You don’t have to worry about scheduling a repair as we can set the schedule in an orderly fashion – this ensures that our maintenance service will be done on time. Allowing you to save time and money for your repairing needs.

Our Vision

We hope to gain the trust of every residential and commercial property owners in Malaysia. We are committed to providing quality maintenance to maintain customer satisfaction because we are attentive to the safety of their families and property.

Our Mission

To be the leading home renovation service provider in Malaysia with our increase in customer demand every year as well as developing our team even further with more trained and experienced professionals who are passionate in offering high standards of professional services to our customers.